Why did you create pitbows?

I am ms.areba diva liverlips (@ms.areba on IG). My human did most of the pitbows legwork; however, she said that her "beloved rescue" was her aspiration - I guess that is me.  

I was a street dog from Houston, TX. Mum and I found each other because a very special couple picked me up from a gas station where I was left to fend for myself. I was in bad shape - skin and bones (25lbs), had heartworm, fleas, scars, mange. The couple tried to take me to the shelter (twice), in which the shelter informed this couple I'd would be put down - not sure what I did wrong to deserve that. Mom learned about my story and knew within a second of meeting me (even though I was super shy) that we going to be inseparable. We are!

I am now a healthy 50lbs pup, spoiled but not rotten, and well trained - I have my CGC (canine good citizen) and passed the ATT (American Temperament Test). My behavioral therapist suggested I wear bows and cool gear as maybe people would be less scared to meet me (I'm physically scarred, but NOT broken). I've been my mums sidekick for 7+ years; and we even helped start a meet-up in Houston to advocate and positively showcase certain breeds. Now we live in Austin, TX.

We wanted to share some pawsome gear with others because of our great compliments, and maybe this can help other pups receive more positive attention (as we should) and open up a dialogue with strangers regarding how great of dogs we really are.

Our ultimate goal in to donate a portion of profits, in funds or goods/supplies, to shelters and advocates.

I'm a shelter in need, can you consider my organization to be a recipient to donations?

Absolutely! Please tell me about your organization, mission, goals, and needs; contact me through contact, Instagram @pitbows, or direct email

How long does shipping take?

Please allows 12-20 days to receive your items; we use multiple suppliers and some of our items aren't made until orders are received. If you ordered multiple items they might come in separate packages. During check out,  all buying customers are notified of this. 

If it has been more than 20 days and you have yet to receive the order please contact us, include the order number. Please allow 24 hours to return messages.

I received my pitbows item and my pup looks adorable. Can I share photos?

Absolutely! Please contact us via email or tag the photo on IG @pitbows. We love sharing photos!! In turn, let us know if you would like a coupon for future purchases at and we'd be happy to send one.

How can I contact you?

We can be reached via Instagram (@pitbows) or email ( Please allow 24 hours to return messages.

I have products that would work well in the pitbows collection, would you like to sell them?

Thank you for the interests. I would like to see and inspect the product/s. Please contact me - I can be reached via Instagram (@pitbows) or email ( Please allow 24 hours to return messages.